Feb 6, 2010

varsovie - état civil

Artista: varsovie
Titolo: état civil
Anno: 2009
Stile: coldwave

01. État civil (5:53)
02. État d'urgence (3:01)
03. Clandestine (6:11)
04. Leningrad (2:23)
05. Mademoiselle Else (4:25)
06. Cassandre (3:33)
07. Retour de flammes (3:29)
08. La promesse (2:26)
09. Demain en septembre (5:38)
10. L'Art de la fugue (4:57)
11. Inertie (5:02)



  1. =(

    sorry my friend
    i camt download any album
    i don't know the reason but i can't
    i hope that you can change the upload mirror
    it's very dificult.
    i think that folder.ru i'ts better than narod.ru
    well thas only my opinion
    anyway thanks

  2. hm. strange, strange.
    moment, i make mirror on ifolder.
    narod is good site, without advertising banners and other. dont know, whats happend. i try to download now, all was well.

  3. i'm sorry
    now i can download
    the albums
    i enjoy all the albums that you upload everyday

    thanks so much!!!!

    and follow with this great blog

  4. Hey, when i try to click on "download" its nothing but text... perhaps you can add the entire link?

  5. Hey, the download is broken.. clicking on download dont do jack.... can you add the entire link so it can be ctrl+c ?