Feb 10, 2010

bohémien - demo

Artista: bohémien
Titolo: demo
Anno: 1985
Stile: deathrock, coldwave

Не могу не выложить. Замечательная группа, прекрасное демо.
Short biography from myspace:
Bohémien returned on the stage in 2002 when Alex Buccini (voice), Luciano Liberatore (guitar) and Walter Vincenti (drums), three of the members of the original line up, decided to relive the band that originally existed between 1985 and 1987, recruiting in the project Giovanni Staccone (bass guitar) and Stefania Minutaglio (keyboards), later replaced by Gian Paolo Cesarini (2009), Alessandra Romeo (2006-2009) and Riccardo Magni (2009)
Having formed the band in 1985, they publish the demotape “Sangue e Arena” in december of the same year. After their live debut at the Piper, historical club in the center of Roma, they play numerous gigs all around Italy and disband in 1987.
15 years later, in 2002, Bohémién get back together keeping intact the roots of their deathrock/gothic sound characterized by its italian lyrics. After some gigs, in 2003, they publish the CD “Danze Pagane” (ITNT). Later the song “Eclissi (dell’ anima)” is included in the compilation “Pagan Love Songs” (Alice In/Dark Dimensions). In october 2005 they publish the EP “La Parata del Circo” (ITNT) and play in New York City two gigs during the third edition of the Drop Dead Festival. In september 2006, six months after Walter’s tragic death, they appear again at DDF IV In NYC and at Die Wunderkur Festival in Bologna. In 2007 they are co-headliner at Bats Over Milan Festival, while in 2008 are headliner at Gothic Pogo Festival of Leipzig and in 2009 play with UK Decay at VIII Road to Ruins Punk Rock Festival of Rome. At moment, in 2010, Bohémien are recording their new album ...

01 Nella Nebbia
02 Danza Pagana
03 Colpi di Sonno
04 Eclissi Dell Anima
05 Specchio


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