Apr 14, 2010

Drop Dead Festival 2010

DDF is the showcase for the best original old and new post-punk, death disco, mutant wave, and related bands and DJs. We believe in bringing together the most creative and interesting bands regardless of how obscure. Because many of the best independent, weirder and art related bands get no exposure and are not well known, we take this opportunity to bring them together during this one big festival.

One of the main purposes of the Drop Dead festival is also to make a DIY music community. Cooperation and scene unity is the main focus and we welcome all promoters to cooperate and work together during this one big party. We try to invite and work with DJs and promoters from most European countries as well as from America and beyond. Anyone actively working with the underground music scene is welcome to become part of the festival and to showcase what they are doing locally as well as to collaborate with others worldwide.

In addition to a big party, Drop Dead Festival is also a chance to learn something. We take this opportunity to include workshops, art exhibits, network sessions, and movie showings. Not only is this meant to be a celebration of culture, it’s also the biggest gathering of people involved in supporting dark DIY music locally. We want promoters, DJs and anyone else interested to walk away inspired and with new tools to do their projects. If you want to start running shows, start a band, or do your own ‘zine, this festival is a great place to get your start.

Sex Gang Children, Specimen, Zounds, Stereo Total, Mad Dog Cole, Jacquy Bitch, Inca Babies, Noblesse Oblige, The Last Days of Jesus, Grotesque Sexuality, Agent Side Grinder, Phoenix Catscratch, Kania Tieffer, Gertrud Stein, Joy Disaster, 13th Moon, Vilkduja, Birth!, Castrati, Noisy Pig, Genetiks, Scofferlane, The Crazed, Cristal Palace, The Gaa Gaas, Petra Flurr, The Proof, etc.
and many cool DJ's :)

Date: 18 - 22 august 2010
City: Vilnius
Place: "
Mulen Ruzas", V. Mykolaicio-Putino, 5

wieże fabryk demo and bootlegs

style: coldwave, zimna fala, post-punk

(ru) ну очень интересные поляки. датой образования коллектива считается 9 апреля 2006, так что можно поздравить их с прошедшим днем рождения. если у кого есть страница на фейсбуке - не поленитесь :)
выпустить успели только демо, и то неофициальное. однако есть багаж концертных видео, которые можно легко найти на ютубе и бутлег, представленый ниже. также в этом году представлены в лайн-апе castle party.

(en) it is very 80s influenced Guitar-New Wave with a lot of Cold Wave moments. Very interesting Polish band. date of the formation of the collective is April 9, 2006, so you can congratulate them on passing day of birth. 

they have a demo only. However, there is baggage of a concert videos, which can be easily found on YouTube, and the bootleg is presented below. Also this year, presented in line-up of Castle Party.

Tomasz Kaczkowski - vocal
Adam Studziński - guitar
Adam Sitarek / Cezary Wielesik - bas
Krzysztof Trzewikowski - percussion

Title: Demo
01. kino
02. miasto
03. minuta
04. zycie