Mar 1, 2010

poême électronique discography

Artista: poême électronique
Stile: minimal wave, cold

Julie - Vocals, Choreography
Sharon - Vocals, Choreography
Dave - Synthesisers, Rhythms, Production
Les - Bass
(en) Julie was the original backing vocalist for Stagestruk and was joined by Sharon for the release of the first single "Smoke". Julie teamed with Sharon and Dave for the release of Poeme Electronique's only single at the time "The Echoes Fade". Julie's unique voice and dance routines added special magic to Poeme Electronique. She is singing regularly and loves studio work.
Sharon comes from a very musical family. Her father Ray Abbott was the drummer and percussionist for the renowned 50's outfit "Freddie Baker and his band". Her Grandmother Rose Law was a well known pianist for the silent movies. She has never seen herself as a good singer, whether creating backing vocals or not, but she has always seen herself as an actress. She was an outrageous dresser in the 70's and 80's, flitting between punk, new wave and the 60's look. With Dave and Julie she would often visit unique designers Kahn & Bell from the Kings Road to see what next creation they had designed. In between performing with Stagestruk, she began to write lyrics for Dave and this led to the creation of Poeme Electronique. She has also released material under her own name "Sharon" - her single "Love on Atari" - and "Wot a Wally" and also appeared on TV in the 80's on the Chris Tarrant show.
Dave began his musical journey at the age of 11 when he started classical piano lessons and started composing. As soon as he discovered electronic music, he became fascinated by this wonderful world of sound, creating tracks on his old tape machine, making loops of sounds into rhythms changing their speed and pitch. In 1975, Dave's mum saved up to buy him an EMS Synthi AKS, and he has never looked back, playing and acquiring most of the well known synths and drum machines over the years.
He set up his first small 4 track recording studio, and started to write songs with Sharon in 1979. In 1985, a second 16 track studio was created in London with his brother Les, at that time some of the material for Les's band Stagestruk was recorded. Stagestruk had a strong fan base in South London and released their only single written by Dave and Sharon “Smoke” - sadly this was banned by the radio stations.
After the lack of interest in Poeme Electronique and Stagestruk, Dave embarked on a career in TV music, and set up another studio and started to concentrate more on his own work. He is now continuing with all his projects, including the resurrection of the Poeme Electronique albums.
Les, Dave's brother was the bass player in the well known South London band Stagestruk. He wrote some of the seminal material for this band "No Shame" - "Cabbage Life". When Stagestruk folded in 1981 he joined Poeme Electronique as bass player. Now that Dave is revisiting the material from the 80's Les is looking forward to reworking the bass parts. Les's favourite bass is the Rickenbacker 4001.
Dave, Sharon, Les and Julie could never have imagined that some 25 years after the creation of "The Echoes Fade", Poeme Electronique would be given the unique opportunity to re-release their material in 2008.
Thanks to the visionary Marc Schaffer who runs "Anna Logue Records", Poeme Electronique has returned from the past.
We owe Marc Schaffer, Jochen Lange, and Steve Lippert a deep debt of gratitude, thank you guys for making our dream come true.
Anna are about to release a new version of "The Echoes Fade" and "VOICE" recorded in 1982.
Remixed and re-mastered by Dave, these versions will we hope bring a new clarity to these classic 80s minimal synth songs.
Dave has carefully edited, shifted into time, tuned and where necessary re-recorded old original synths sounds to create new versions that pay homage to the originals.

Titolo: the echoes fade 7''
Anno: 1983

a1 the echoes fade
b1 v.o.i.c.e.


Titolo: the echoes fade LP

01 a mourner's lament
02 atoman
03 follow
04 fragile
05 girl your life away
06 inside his head
07 it's in the atmosphere
08 my complicated personality
09 rendezvous
10 she's and image
11 the echoes fade
12 theories
13 voice


Titolo: the echoes fade

01 the echoes fade remix
02 the echoes fade v1
03 the echoes fade v2
04 v.o.i.c.e.
05 v.o.i.c.e. rmx
06 the echoes fade v3



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