Mar 20, 2010

guerre froide - abrutir les masses (release 2010)

Title: Abrutir Les Masses
Anno: 2010
Lable: Brouillard Definitif
Stile: coldwave

(ru) аттенсьён! вот он наконец и вышел. все мы рады, веселы и поем вместе дружным хором.
ниже -  слова людей, трудящихся в поте лица над изданием. нужен будет перевод - сделаем. хотя там впрочем все довольно легко и понятно.

(en) Dear friends,
3 years already after the release of «Angoisses et divertissement», the album which rang the coming back of Guerre Froide on players and stages, we’re happy to present you, in collaboration with Guerre Froide’s label Flashbacks Futurs, their second album, issued on CD and vinyl record. « Abrutir les masses » is definitely orientated into the future, still dark but featured of many more rich sounds. Between the tracks «Hypnose» and «Canal historique», the band attracts us in their personal universe. Well approched lyrics, mindblowing music, attractive refrains, inspired by the society in derivation such as the track « Des Illusions » shows it. Even «Identité variable» or also «Le fil» does explains that. Sometimes the ambiance is more close-friend as on « L'expérience », a kind of strange variation of a certain « Espérance »...  
We found on this opus somemany tracks already played live, or unreleased till now such as «Sauvage» and  «Abrutir», or which are present on the mCD released some months ago with the tracks «Nom» and «Entre nous», here provided on the new album with a different mixing.
Guerre Froide pulls us toward to some new unexpected musical horizons, with various inspirations. 10 tracks showing us that the band still have many things to tell us…
You can purchase now the CD version on our website :
The LP version will be out in approx. 2 weeks. 

01. Hypnose
02. Identité Variable
03. Nom
04. Des Illusions
05. Entre Nous
06. Sauvages
07. Le Fil
08. Abrutir
09. L'Expérience
10. Canal Historique


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