May 24, 2010

floorshow - miscellaneous

(en) ladies and gentlemen I give you - Floorshow. Danilo about band:
"so it goes...
When I was a child, me and my old friend Luke (Teardrop-guitar) developed a really great passion for music and the decision to built up a band was pratically intinctive! Floorshow are born in 2007 trying to fuse Punk attitudes with dark sounds we love the 70's as we like the 80's from england to america
from the glam era of Bowie, Bolan and Roxy Music to the fury of Iggy and the Stooges, the MC5 and Alice Cooper. from the punk: explosion of Sex Pistols, Damned, Ramones, Dead Boys
to the sound more sofisticated of magazine, Talking Heads etc...
and of course...a lot of post punk bands of the eighties that you surely know very well ;)
oh, we like a lot of music and we have so many influence!!! 
More later the third member (Bowjacques-bass) join us and we start to play in some gigs in Rome with a drum machine.
We have a auto-produced & recorded EP of six songs with this formation (you can find the review on "hertz und geist",an italian gothic zine)
The "electronical part" gave to us the possibility to test many different kind of music and experience like the collaboration with the keyboarder Charles Tear (from THE GOLD TEARS) for the cover of the Ultravox's classic Hiroshima mon amour.
In 2009 Mark Venus (drums) become the fourth member of the group and his arrive totally defines the new sounds and the new shows of the band.
Now, while our live gigs grow across the Italy, we are going to record our first album (maybe in september/october) for a label..."

Lable: not on lable
01. a symbolic gesture (rough mix)
02 bang bang
03 fragments
04 hiroshima mon amour
05 no contact / dead bodies 
06 sometimes i forget
07 v.r.n. 

soon on CD!

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